Whole Family Italian Adventure

" Me and my family had decided to go to Italy as a family.  All we had to do was call Megan and she began working on different options.  She was eager to please and made sure we had what we needed on the trip.  She is good about making sure you have an agenda for each day and works with you to ensure you are satisfied.  If I decide to take another long trip I will definitely use Megan again.   Our trip started in Rome and then we rented vehicles and went from Rome to Florence to Venice.  We did take a detour and went to Pompei which was well worth it.  There were a lot of enjoyable moments, eating excellent Italian food, seeing the country side – awesome!  The Montepulciano Country Resort was such a quiet and peaceful place to stay.  If you have never gone to Italy let M&M set it up for you.  You will be totally satisfied. "

-Barbara Williams

Event Planning in the Tropics

"Megan did a great job organizing our Costa Rica trip.  She made sure that the trip included everything that we wanted to see and experience while there.  The trip was a great mix of sightseeing, activities, and relaxation time.  Upon returning, we both felt rested and refreshed, rather than drained and needing another vacation from our vacation.  Some of our trip highlights included seeing a volcano, ziplining, rappelling down waterfalls, surfing, and relaxing in some hot springs.  I would go back again, and I would definitely want Megan to plan it.  I recommend Megan for all your travel planning needs.  She knows how to find the experiences you are looking for and get you the best rates possible."

-David Motley-MacCall

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