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M&M Planning was founded in January 2020 with the goal of establishing a truly exceptional Travel Agency in the Raleigh area. We are a sister company of Spring Chicken Travel, which has been established in 2003 out of Humble, Texas. This partnership not only means that M&M Planning is a national company, but it also ensures experienced/ certified specialist agents. Our team of agents are passionate about making our clients happy, and we go above and beyond to ensure superb customer service. Since M&M Planning has opened our doors, we have dedicated ourselves to helping busy people save time and money when planning trips. We hope these trips provide our clients with magical memories for years to come. So whatever type of trip you’re dreaming of, we’ve got you covered.









My name is Megan Motley-MacCall, but you can call me Mrs. M&M. I am a former teacher and current graduate student living in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have been planning trips for myself, my family, and my friends for over 10 years now. My travels have taken me all across the world. Some of my destinations include:

  • Most of the United States

  • Multiple parts of Europe

  • Multiple parts of Central America

  • Asia

  • Africa

  • The Middle East

  • The Caribbean 

Some of my favorite locations I have visited are Thailand, Italy, Germany, South Africa, and Costa Rica.  Now after being in business during one of the hardest years for travel agencies, I feel like I am ready for anything and more dedicated to customer excellence than ever. I am now a certified specialist in many reputable travel organizations such as CLIA, DISNEY, MARRIOT, and currently a SIGNATURE TRAVEL EXPERT. Each of these certifications means that I have been through multiple detailed pieces of training on policies, procedures, and different cultures in order to give you and the rest of our M&M Planning Family the best service possible!











M&M Planning's philosophies about travel are that everyone should do it because through it you can learn more about the world and yourself. Traveling is one of the greatest forms of self-growth. Also, with Mrs. M&M's background as an educator, we support the idea that every person can be a lifelong learner.  Whether you just need help finding somewhere to stay on a business trip, are trying to discover adventures in a new country, or just want to get away and relax for a few days, we want to help you grow into the person and traveler you want to be. When you are ready to go, get in touch and we’ll take care of the rest. That way, all you have to worry about is making those magical memories!




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